Counseling Assignments 2019-2020




Ms. Buzzelli, Dean of Counseling, 793-3479 
Students Served - Special Education Services: Grades 9th -12th
Ms. Avila, Counselor, 793-3476
Students Served - Alpha A-L (Non- Pathway Students): Grades 9th -12th 
Mr. Dodson, Counselor, 793-3427
Students Served - All PABF Students (Porterville Academy of Business Finance Pathway): Grades 9th - 12th 
                              CAPP Program Students: Grades 9th - 12th 
Ms. Alvarez, Counselor, 793-3432
Students Served - All AVID
                             All AERO students: Grades 9th - 12th 
Ms. Salas, Counselor, 793-3486
Students Served - All PAHS Students  (Porterville Academy  of Health Sciences Pathway): Grades 9th - 12th
Ms. Zamarripa, Counselor, 793-3474
Students Served - Alpha M-Z (Non- Pathway Students): Grades 9th - 12th