Before You Apply

CRITERIA: Review the list of scholarships to determine if you meet the criteria. Please do not waste your time or the time of our generous donors by applying for scholarships for which you do not meet the basic requirements. 

DEADLINES: It is very important that you check the deadline date and whether an application must be "postmarked by the deadline date" or "received by the deadline date" as there is a difference. Late and/or incomplete applications are usually not considered. You should start working on an application a couple of weeks before it is due. This will allow time to gather letters of recommendation, transcript and give sufficient time to write a good essay. DO NOT write an essay in pencil on a piece of binder paper ripped out of a spiral notebook.

Only use black or blue ink – best if typed.

TRANSCRIPTS: If an “official” transcript is required, fill out the white half sheet request form at the guidance desk (in a clear plexiglass holder). It is recommended that you request transcripts a minimum of 10 days in advance. If the application does not specify “official”, an “unofficial” is just a print out of your current transcript.

LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION: Ask teachers, counselors, coaches, club advisors, pastors, etc. DO NOT ask a relative; choose someone who can write a letter with enough knowledge about you – not someone you just met two months ago. Give him/her a copy of your Senior Profile so they will know what you were involved in for 4 years and tell them about the criteria for the specific scholarship.

MAILING  SCHOLARSHIP  APPLICATIONS: PHS does not supply envelopes, stamps or delivery service. It is YOUR responsibility to turn your scholarship application in on time and to the appropriate address.

CLAIMING SCHOLARSHIP MONEY: Most scholarships do not release money until you show proof of grades for 1st semester (or quarter); 12 units or more with a grade “C” or better.  Several scholarships will deposit scholarship money directly into your account at the Financial Aid Office at your college of attendance.

DEFERRED PAYMENT:  If, for any reason, you will NOT be attending college in the fall, YOU must contact the donor to request delayed payment and make arrangements.